Blast from the past…

We're in our 13th year of business, and we have worked with a variety of customers large and small. Join us for a look back through our portfolio at some interesting projects from the early days...

Published April 13, 2024

ACF Flooring

This project is from way back in 2007, our words from the time…

“A family run flooring company based in the North East of England suppling all types of flooring to both the domestic and commercial markets.

We have been instrumental in rebranding ACF Flooring giving them a more professional image with a new logo, stationery and a brochure. The 8 page brochure was designed to be a broad introduction to ACF flooring, highlighting the key products and services they provide. It was then used in a direct marketing campaign, orchestrated by ourselves.”

logo and stationery design, Horsforth, Leeds
Brochure design, flooring company, Horsforth, Leeds
logo design, business cards, Horsforth, Leeds
logo design, Horsforth, Leeds


From 2009…

“Offinis are independent experts in employment law. There are two divisions which fall under the Offinis banner, one representing employee law and the other for employer law.

The Offinis group of companies deal with different aspects of employee relations – the key idea of which is dialogue between employer and employee. The Offinis identity is based on this idea of dialogue, the second ‘i’ is reversed to face the other over the ‘table’ of the ‘n’ with the speech balloons highlighting this.”

City Dental

From 2009… this is still one of my personal favourite logo designs

“This project was an unused branding exercise for City Dental, a private dental practice based in Leeds city centre, offering family dental care as well as high end cosmetic and restorative dentistry.

The concept of the identity is a visual representation of city dental, the skyline forming the bristles of a toothbrush, the toothpaste representing a cloud, the icon itself can stand alone without the text. This concept is continued throughout the stationery, carrier bags and signage.”

logo design, signage, Horsforth, Leeds
logo design, business cards, stationery, Horsforth, Leeds

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