Vickers Oils: A Vision REALised

The challenge

After 17 years through development and production, the 2012 US EPA VGP legislation brought an opportunity to Vickers Oils to highlight that they were the global leaders in Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants for the Marine Industry, having launched the first EAL in 2003 winning the prestigious Seatrade award.

The solution

In creating the advertising campaign we focused on what the other major players could not: a proven track record. Vickers Oils range of EALs had years of proven reliable service, so we focused on the idea that Vickers had an idea and the rest of the world caught up. In choosing the word “realised” the acronym “EAL” can be highlighted, showing that environmental concerns have always been a priority for the business. This marketing focus was applied across trade shows, adverting, a landing page website and product literature.

The SEAL of Approval

The SEAL of Approval

As a key feature of the campaign we needed to answer the main key questions customers asked before choosing Vickers Oils, ‘are they OEM approved?’ and ‘are they VGP compliant?’ The SEAL of approval became a an efficient way to convey these key messages across the range of marketing materials