Vickers Oils 3D Interactive Presentation

The challenge

As part of the revamped website, Vickers Oils required an update to their Marine products overview illustration, which was previously a 2D side on presentation. We proposed a 3D interactive presentation which could be a standalone tool or be rendered to appear in print brochures.

The solution

Our first challenge was to create a ‘hybrid’ vessel, as Vickers Oils range is suitable for a wide spectrum of vessels from cruise ships to trawlers – we needed to display all applications on one vessel. Using 3D poly modelling software we created the vessel and its key components that would be interactively highlighted – with description and links. Once modelling was complete we created the 3D application and rendered both the main illustration and specific components for print uses.

Services provided: App / Brochure Design / Websites

Vickers Oils Interactive