InSite Lubrication Management App

The challenge

Vickers Oils approached us to design and build a Lubrication Management app for their range of innovative food grade products. The app’s purpose was to schedule all the lubrication tasks in the customers’ factory or plant, and document for audit purposes when the task is completed. The added challenge was that due to the nature of food processing facilities the app had to work both on-line and off-line.

The solution

Due to the necessity for off line use we chose to develop the app as as a PWA (Progressive Web App) which had the advantage of cross platform compatibility. On top of the core functionality of task scheduling and reporting, InSite provides up to date safety data information and product data sheets and accreditations dynamically fed from the Vickers Oils website – cutting down on administration.

As well as the app itself we designed and produced the InSite identity and marketing materials, including a short social media teaser campaign, and an explainer video

The Identity

Our approach was to communicate the function of the application as clearly as possible, whilst maintaining a visual link to Vickers Oils across all iterations of the Identity. So a flexible solution was needed with elements that could work in isolation.

The teaser video and explainer video

We produced a campaign to get the word out about InSite and its features focusing on our core concept of “It’s time to throw away the clipboard’: InSite on a tablet or phone can replace files of paper needed for audits and maintenance reports.